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RM 54.00

Please select flavours carefully especially if you'd like non Alcoholic canneles. Canneles without alcohol will have No alcohol stated in bold. Assortment comes with a mix of alcoholic and non alcoholic canneles. 

  • Classic (Vanilla beans + Myer's Dark Rum)
  • Kaya (Pandan + Homemade kaya, No alcohol
  • Ipoh White Coffee (IWC powder + salted IWC ganache + Myer’s Dark Rum)
  • Dark chocolate (Cacao Barry Saint Dominigue + Myer's Dark Rum)
  • Assortment (Sucreebypreeta's signature flavours plus 1 of the monthly special's flavours) | 25 pcs only

  • Vanilla (Vanilla beans, No alcohol) |25pcs
  • Matcha (Niko Neko matcha powder, Matcha ganache, No alcohol) | 25pcs
  • Dark chocolate (Cacao Barry Saint Dominigue, No alcohol) | 25 pcs

May & June's Specials

  •  Masala tea & pear (Homemade masala powder & honey poached pear jam + Myer's Dark Rum)
  • Vanilla (Vanilla beans, NO alcohol)